BiKi Is First In Asia To List AMLT, The Network To Combat Crypto Crime

The power to make our crypto world safer and better in the hands of everyone

BiKi is the digital platform first in Asia to list Anti Money Laundering Token, $AMLT, on their digital assets platform on 28th April, 2021. The following trading pair will be available: AMLT/USDT with the following schedule (GMT+8):

1. Opening time for deposit: 4/28, 15:00

2. Opening time for trading: 4/28, 20:00

3. Opening time for withdrawal: 4/28, 15:00

$AMLT is the cryptocurrency for the AMLT Network and Coinfirm AML Platform.

Created by the recognized Blockchain Regtech leader Coinfirm, $AMLT is the first dedicated token that seeks to ensure transparency and democratization of the financial system by allowing market participants to help determine the potential risks of others.

Operating on the Ethereum platform, is used as a reward for AMLT Network Members or Information Providers for providing valid data in the fight against fraudulent activities in the cryptocurrency space so as to achieves it core objective of creating a safer crypto economy, which AMLT has been committed to countering money laundering, terrorism financing and fraud in blockchain ecosystem since 2018.

Every crypto player a stakeholder to make our crypto world safer and better

AMLT seeks to democratize compliance with an ecosystem that bands together to combat crypto crimes.

AMLT Information Providers plays an important role to report on suspicious addresses, and this information will be sent to the AMLT Oracle, the first smart contract-based solution for AML compliance to empower the burgeoning decentralised finance (DEFi Scene) without decentralised exchanges having to conform to a centralised model. The oracle is a specifically tailored solution, that overcomes the barrier that DeFi have on previously developed blockchain compliance technology on the market.

AMLT Oracle DeFi Interation In A Single Transaction $AMLT

The need for safety to grow the industry positively

According to research studies, the Cryptocurrency Market in 2019 was approximately USD 792.53 Million. This number is expected to grow at a CAGR of 30% and is anticipated to reach around USD 5,190.62 Million by 2026.

While only at its infancy stage, cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, have grown and emerged as a new asset class that has seen extraordinary returns over the past decade. During the pandemic high of 2020, we are also seeing a slew of altcoins coming into market.

As cryptocurrency market gets heated up, so does crimes. As per the report by Reuters, in 2019, a total of $4.5 billion was lost due to criminal activities, such as theft, hacks, and fraud, and such losses was $1.9 billion in 2021. Although there is a significant decrease with companies adopting better security systems, crimes in the ‘decentralized finance’ space continued to increase and bitcoin addresses with criminal ties or controlled by dark markets, ransomware actors, hackers, and fraudsters, stands at a minimum of $3.5 billion worth of bitcoins last year.

Backed by global leader

Coinfirm is a blockchain technology award-winning global leader in AML & Risk Analytics for blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

With the largest blockchain coverage with over 1500+ cryptocurrencies supported including BTC, ETH, ERC20 tokens, Dash, NEO, Hyperledger, LTC, Confirm is also the first in the world to integrate XRP. Its AML solutions have been adopted widely by over 250+ global clients ranging from crypto exchanges and protocols to major financial institutions.

Recent development partnership

The DeFi AMLT Oracle also announced its iIntegration with RSK Bitcoin Smart Contract network and the RIF platform.

All operations conducted on RSK’s protocol, the world’s most secured smart contract network protocol, will be fully covered with automated proprietary risk assessments from Coinfirm’s C-score based on 270+ red flag algorithms. The use of the Oracle enables the RSK protocol to get a green light for wider adoption by institutional investors and the traditional financial sector looking to gain exposure to decentralized finance.

Upcoming development for AMLT

In 3Q 2020, AMLTY launched a crucial cooperation with Chainlink, which will enable AMLT’s AML solution to be made available throughout DeFi, making it easier for traditional financial platers to adopt DeFi technologies.

AMLT Network 2.0 will also be developed, as a natural evolution to the ecosystem, to grow the community. AMLT will look to warrant participants to increase their involvement on AMLT, encourage those who has been inert to join in this movement to protect and better the crypto environment, as well as making the rewards system better.

AMLT Ecosystem $AMLT Stakeholders
AMLT Ecosystem $AMLT Stakeholders
  • AMLT Stakers 

$AMLT hodlers will receive shares of the reward pool. Providing incentives and giving back to the community that supported us over the years.

  • Information Providers (previously “Network Members”)

A major tenet of AMLT Network 2.0. Information providers are rewarded for reporting nefarious addresses related to ransomware, hacks, scams, and other fraud. Once the provided data is validated by our team, the AMLT tokens are transferred to the designated wallet.

  • Liquidity Providers 

Anyone who is willing to fund a liquidity pool with their crypto assets to facilitate trading on the platform and receive rewards based on provided liquidity.

“AMLT is glad to be in partnership with BiKi to introduce $AMLT token to a broader market. With an established digital assets exchange such as BiKi, we are excited to have more people join us to democratize a safer blockchain economy,” said Jakub Fijołek, Co-founder and CTO of AMLT and confirm.

“BiKi shares the value of $AMLT which is to create a better crypto environment for all the stakeholders in the space. Whether it is a financial institution, a company, an investor or a retail trader, we should do our part to uphold the safety aspects of our industry,” said Ethan Ng, CEO of BiKi, Southeast Asia.

Reasons to trade $AMLT on BiKi Exchange

  • No Deposit fees

BiKi will accept deposits only from the following cryptocurrencies (BTC and USDT) and will not charge any deposit fees.

  • Below than average trading fees

For each cryptocurrency coin, the BiKi platform uses a flat charge of 0.15 percent, which is very attractively competitive on the market and below the level of industry for similar cryptocurrency trading exchanges.

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