• Digital Assets such as Bitcoin has gained popularity globally, however, majority of public who knows about it does not adopt it because the current ways of getting and using the assets is TOO COMPLICATED and TROUBLESOME.
  • Many REAL business such as Facebook , Singapore Airlines and KODAK have started to adopt Cryptocurrencies. In future, many other real business will follow suit. We need to provide a platform for companies to tokenize their business easily so user can immediately utilize the tokens 
  • To onboard more NEW-T0-CRYPTO users, there must be a platform where users DO NOT NEED to switch to other websites or download multiple apps just to navigate and utilize their Digital Assets. This will be a big breakthrough on getting more mainstream users.
  • Therefore, basing on these opportunities, Asia Token Fund platform is created to solve these problems. So, the global digital assets platform BiKi Exchange is glad to include ATF as one of our different tokens for trading. 


1.What is Asian Token Fund (ATF)?

ATF (AsiaTokenFund) is a one stop platform solution for Digital Finance Ecosystem to drive mass adoption of Digital Assets and Tokenization in real-world usage. ATF targets new digital asset public users and businesses to adopt tokens transactions in everyday situations. 

For new-to-crypto users , ATF is the go-to and the only application that they need without the need to search and navigate thru various websites or download multiple apps. 

For businesses , ATF enables companies to issue Digital Token without the need of a programmer. Simply enter details and tokens can be issued automatically. This way, more companies can easily tokenize their business through automation. 

For a more comprehensive CRM mechanism, ATF also provides companies with tech infrastructure to customize their CRM system.


2. What are the Competitive Advantages of ATF?

  • Daily Global news on Digital Assets, Investments and Blockchain so that readers are kept up to date on the latest happenings. Variety of content to cater to all levels of readers from beginner to advanced. Coverage of Digital Assets news from all over the world.
  • Fundings happening now: Indicated the current STO and Real-Business ICO happening globally. Readers will be able to POLL on their if they are interested to invest. The POLL will also be reflected under the STO POLL section so project can decide on the licencing in the countries. 
  • Global POLL: raising funds in STO can be very expensive because each licensing needed for each country’s investor. With STO POLL, Projects can determine which country to apply licence to get investors from. It will save time and money. 
  • Token Issuance Platform: issue merchant or businesses tokens to replace traditional CRM/Loyalty points system. Standard ERC-20 utility tokens. ST tokens supported too. 
  • Scan to pay at merchant in-store: marchant physical store can now receive Crypto payments via QR code scanner. No Bulky machines. Merchant can also view their receipts via APP. Moreover, merchants can choose their preferred Cryptocurrency payment mode e.g. Bitcoin only or several coins. Easy to use merchant back-end


3. ATF Data

[Updated on 25th June 2020 based on:]

AsiaTokenFund course
AsiaTokenFund course in BTC
0.00000027 BTC
Market capitalization0$
Trade volume 24h
3 065.3$
Minimal price for 24h
Maximum price for 24h
Market cap rank#2477
Absolute maximum
Absolute maximum date
21:50 03.06.2020
From absolute maximum
1d Volatility0.00%
7d Volatility0.00%



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