BIKI.COM: BTC hits $10K and beyond?

In fact, News for BTC: BIKI Exchange is a global cryptocurrency exchange ranked Top 20 on CoinMarketCap. Therefore, via our website, we offer users several rewards and advantages. For example, they are in terms of: bitcoin tradingbitcoin miningbitcoin converterlitecoinethereum pricebitcoin price USD, as well as cointrackingcoinbase earnworldcoinindex with other competitive bitcoin cash price.


Firstly, BiKi Exchange has freshly arrived into June 2020 and what a way to start it off with a BANG!

Obviously, the last time BTC traded at its highest this year was $10,500 in February 2020, so it begs to question, will the price continue to surge further or stall?

Leading wall street investors who are deep into crypto are expecting prices of BTC to rise further due to the bitcoin block reward halving and the monetary and fiscal stimulus from the US government.

But will it break the $20k ceiling? So, let us know your thoughts on our Telegram channel —


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In conclusion, BiKi Exchange takes pride of itself in partnering with a popular company in Europe- Simplex. Therefore, this step will ensure BiKi and Simplex to together bring about benefits and attractive offers to users from all over the world. Consequently, they are towards faster and more convenient bitcoin/stablecoin/dogecoin trading and tractionsion by credit/deposit card payment.

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