BXTB Platform, developed and supported by BXTB Foundation, aims to unify the siloed systems of the online casino gaming industry and solve its payments and settlement problems once and for all. By joining the Platform, casino operators, platform providers, and game providers can offer their customers a seamless betting experience while transparently transacting amongst themselves in a secure, reliable, and cost-effective manner, using the BXTB Platform Token (“CHIP”).

In addition, the underlying BXTB Platform blockchain has been specifically designed to ensure stakeholders a defined path toward introducing their own tokens — one that is backwards compatible and fully preserves investments in the Platform. Online gambling wagers are expected to approach USD $1 trillion by 20211 , according to Juniper Research. The key to BXTB Platform winning this market is not technological; it is about adoption — getting the online casino operators to trust and participate on the platform. The path to adoption is to offer the online casino operators a stablecoin that works seamlessly within their existing technology stack.

On 15 April 2020, BXTB was officially listed on its first exchange, BiKi Exchange. The BiKi exchange listing is the beginning of the development of a key part of its ecosystem. BXTB is sure and believe to be made available to the market at large, setting precedents for Proof of Capacity and taking the project into its next phase.

1.What is BXTB?


On the platform side:

BXTB is a dual blockchain, dual token platform, developed and supported by the BXTB Foundation. It aims to unify the payment and settlement systems of the gaming industry and resolve its issues once and for all.

By joining the Platform, operators, platform providers and game publishers can offer their customers a seamless betting experience while transparently transacting amongst themselves in a secure, reliable, and cost-effective manner using the BXTB Platform Token AKA “CHIP”


On the token side: 

BXTB Platform itself will be governed by the BXTB Platform Governance Token, serving as the proof of ownership for voting and royalty rights on of the platform. Upon mining, this token has no rights on the platform until they are “staked” by their holders, which is done by adding US$1.00 (via fiat or cryptocurrencies) to the Platform Reserves.

Staking a BXTB causes the creation of a corresponding BXTB Platform Tokens (CHIP), with the two coins operating independently, but programmatically linked from that point. Once a token has been staked and a corresponding CHIP created, it is entitled to: 


Whenever its corresponding CHIP is used in a completed transaction, the BXTB holder will earn 0.0025 USDT (i.e. 0.25%) in royalties, pro-rated for partial CHIPs. 

Profit Sharing & Buybacks 

25% of net profits, if any, from the operations of BXTB Platform will be distributed on a quarterly basis via airdrop to all token holders, pro-rata with their holdings. 


From time to time, BXTB Foundation may pose certain governance decisions to its community of token holders, and such holders may cast votes weighted by the number of tokens they control. 

BXTB is mined via a proof-of-storage consensus mechanism and tradeable on cryptocurrency exchanges. Using proof-of-storage drastically lowers the barrier to entry for potential miners because of the relatively cheap cost for storage space as well as significantly reduced energy costs, compared to proof-of-work processing power. The added inclusivity promotes a more diverse, less concentrated group of miners who will all participate and have a vested interest in the growth of the token’s key value drivers


2. What are the Competitive Advantages of BXTB?


Reducing Transaction Fees 

Major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, have issues with scaling because each payment, no matter how small, incurs a transaction fee. That makes them impractical (and prohibitively expensive) for recording individual bets, which can occur 10 to 20 times a minute in a game of chance (e.g. at its peak, each Bitcoin transaction incurred a US$34 transaction fee3 ). 


Creating a Stable Betting Unit 

Online casinos operators, software providers, and bettors need a stable currency in which to transact. Using our own token to underpin the token Platform allows us to anchor the token to the price of an accepted fiat currency, allowing online casino operators and software providers to price their services in terms they and their customers are already familiar with — and without the wild fluctuations of the crypto markets. 


Creating a Community 

Using our own token as a medium of exchange between online casino operators, software providers, and bettors creates a common language and value system for the platform. Ultimately, this becomes a rallying point, and existing users — casinos and bettors alike — will demand that non-participants join or lose their businesses. This, in turn, will create the network affect to make BXTB Platform truly ubiquitous.


3. BXTB Data

[Updated on 2nd June 2020]


Total Token21,980,000,000 (All testnet mined tokens were transferred to main net) 
Block Time4 minutes
Block reward reduces at a fixed rate of1% every 21600 blocks after mainnet launch.
Holders279 addresses



4. BXTB Website Community Socials

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