TriipMiles (TIIM)

Triip Pte. Ltd – a profitable travel startup founded in 2014, licensed by the Singapore Tourism Board, is doing a reverse ICO. We have been helping travellers book authentic local tours, hotel rooms and accommodations seamlessly in 227 countries with database capacity of 1.3M+ hotels and 6000+ local guides in the last four years. We are operating profitably and have had US$858,000 seed funding from 3 Venture Funds: Gobi Partners SEA, MAP2| Ventures and Gaiax Ventures. 

Triip is known as a disruptor in the travel industry and has received recognition from various Tourism Boards in the form of awards and partnerships. Triip is an honour Board member of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) and active member of United Nation World Travel Organisation (UNWTO)’s Global Code of Ethics for Tourism. 

Unlike many blockchain projects that are building from scratch, Triip is already profitable with a close relationship with tourism boards in the Asia Pacific. It has a proven business team which create a dynamic ecosystem and can claim to be the world’s first and largest exclusive local tours platform.

In June, 2020, the global digital assets platform BiKi Exchange is pleased to announce the listing of TIIM as one of different tokens for trading in the website

1.What is TIIM token?

  • TriipMiles, the utility token, will empower more locals to participate in the travel industry. The current travel economy only has a few centralized players participating: travel business owners & local employees, OTAs and travellers.
  • Discarding the centralization of data, the TriipMiles token will have a thorough incentivized system that tracks proof of work, quality as well as productivity embedded in it.
  • With TriipMiles, all elements of the travel economy will be presented in a circle where each aspect can be tracked and verified by any individual. Quality and transparency will be visibly demonstrate. For instance, each group within the TriipMiles economy will collaborate, process functions and be rewarded with TriipMiles as their work is verified. This is accomplished by smart contract and cannot be controlled or affected by any outside entity. 

2. What are the Competitive Advantages of TIIM?


On the Travelers Side:

  • Receive the best offer directly from suppliers: Travelers can receive directly offers from suppliers without the bridge of middleman such as commission of travel agent, advertising fee. This allows travelers to get the best offers with the best price from travel suppliers 
  • Travel mining and take control: Triip Protocol creates the new way of mining in travel. Travelers can mine our proprietary currency TriipMiles from sharing their own travel activities. They will take control their activities within the Triip Protocol. They know how much of it is released to our network and be rewarded proportionally. 
  • Co-building the new travel ecosystem and get reward: TriipMiles empower travelers to become a co-builder of Triip Protocol’s growth. They can contribute to our economic system for what they want to experience about their own future world. 


On the Business Side:

  • Target the right travellers at the booking time: Travel businesses reach travelers at the stage they submit their travel plan. Triip Protocol has the advantage about reducing cost of customer acquisition and conversion rate through a peer to peer referral system. 
  • Save money pay for real booking referral: Bookings fees are currently inflated to factor in the cost of customer acquisitions and expensive marketing budgets. The Triip Protocol offers the opportunity for richer client interactions at a lower cost than conventional marketing. 
  • Reduce transaction fees. By eliminating intermediaries, the Triip Protocol can reduce the fee per transaction to just 3.99 % on payments with fiat currency and 1% on payment made with TriipMiles. This results in a larger profit per transaction for their partners and those purchasing or selling goods and services through Triip. 


3. TIIM Data

Total number of tokens500 million
Token available165 million (33%)
Nominal price1 ETH = 8800 TRIIPMILES
Emission rateNo further tokens will be created
Emission rateNo further tokens will be created
Token private sale22% of all tokensUncapped, fixed price Bonus up to 30%By invitation only
Token sale11% of all tokensCap per investor: 20ETH, Fixed price Open to public
Soft cap ETH 2500
Hard capETH 18750
Token formatERC-20 Standard
Currency acceptedETH only 



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