• Headquartered in Singapore, is a global cryptocurrency exchange ranked Top 20 on CoinMarketCap. has provided a digital assets platform for trading more than 150 cryptocurrencies and 280 trading pairs. 
  • Further, is focused on providing the safest, most stable and most effective cryptocurrency trading platform. Also, 100% of the transaction fees are used in buyback and burning of platform token, BIKI. 
  • Since its official opening in August 2018, is considered one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchanges in the world with an accumulated 3 million registered users, 50,000 daily active users, over 2,000 community partners and 200,000 community members. 



  • In fact, BiKi is largely considered as one of the most various, flexible and active crypto platforms in Vietnam. It supplies a plethora of cryptocurrencies and trading pairs offered for users. 
  • Moreover, the platform has launched a global community manager programme. Therefore, Vietnamese users who have connections to networks and followers can apply to be a global community manager and benefit from attractive rewards.
  • In order to cater to a growing Vietnamese audience, BiKi has opened fiat to crypto services for VND. Users can now purchase USDT with just one click. It will be easier for users to trade cryptocurrencies and with the fiat on-off ramp option on, just go to “BiKi Fiat” to begin. BiKi also welcomes Vietnamese merchants to take part.
  • In May, 2020, BiKi has listed more top 100 coins such as Dash, PolkaDot, Matic Network, Electroneum and MakerDAO. They have also built a strong momentum and gained strong social media attention. This hits the 10,000 followers mark on their social media channels a few weeks ago.
  • The exchange has also listed TomoChain, a popular local project, as well as opened the Vietnamese Dong (VND) to cryptocurrency on-off ramps. Users can now deposit their VND into their BiKi wallets, convert it to USDT, and trade TOMO/USDT trading pairs!



  • Easy-to-use interface, suitable for newcomers to the Crypto market.
  • The platform supports Vietnamese to easily use transaction operations.
  • Provide full API Key for those who want to use a 3rd party tool to trade.
  • Biki platform has its app on IOS and Android to help you easily access the platform.



  • In 2019, Ethan Ng – CEO of BiKi Exchange made his debut at the Blockchain Innovation & Technology (BIT) event. It was organized by Asia Token Fund in Ho Chi Minh city, where BiKi sponsored 20,000 tokens in an airdrop. As a result, a familiar figure in the Vietnam blockchain industry, Ng received a warm welcome as he shared insights about the industry. 
  • Additionally, in May, 2020, BIKI Exchange partnered with Vietnam’s leading crypto and blockchain community, VIC GROUP. Furthermore, VIC Group is one of the biggest organizations in the Cryptocurrency community in Vietnam. It gathers hundreds of thousands of members from huge channels in a variety of fields. They are as Mining, Trading, ICO & Pools, Blockchain Technology.
  • In June, 2020, BIKI Exchange was also glad to announce partnership with VBC to bring our news closer to the VN community in Vietnamese! In fact, founded in 2017, VBC is one of the most influential communities in Vietnam in the field of crypto investment/trading and blockchain technology.
  • Early, in June, 2020, also received the first editorial review on one of Vietnam Crypto’s leading media platform



  • Having seen the potentiality of Vietnam in the cryptocurrency market, in the future, BiKi will surely supply more competitive offers and events for only Vietnamese users and Southeast-Asian ones as well. 
  • Further, in Q3 2020, BiKi will open the public financial chain which Ethan Ng, CEO of South East Asia strongly feels will be one of the core aspects in future financial institutions in the blockchain space. As well as, BiKi will ensure that it is providing the utmost benefits for its users by providing an increasing lineup of financial services and products for the DeFi economy, including new and innovative ways to trade on the platform.
  • Headquartered in Singapore, BiKi.SG is also in the process of getting their license according to the Payment Services Act (PSA) by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Hence, users can look forward to BiKi as a diversified exchange that becomes the financial core of the blockchain industry.


In conclusion, BiKi Exchange takes pride of itself in bringing about competitive advantages with special programs and plans to global users. For example, they are involved in trading and transactions relating to: bitcoin, stablecoin, dogecoin, ethereum, cryptocurrency, coinbase earn, zcash, wallet registration and various prices.

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