Founded in June 2018, and launched in August, Biki Exchange is a centralised exchange providing a digital assets platform for trading more than 150 cryptocurrencies and 280 trading pairs. From its start, BiKi emerged as a multifaceted cryptocurrency pioneer, offering innovative features and solutions.

Moreover, BiKi Exchange is consistently ranked in the top twenty fastest growing exchanges in the world by MyToken, Feixiaochao, Coingecko, and CoinMarketCap. Biki is also debuted at number sixteen and recently peaked at the number five position.

During 3 years of operation, BiKi Exchange has been gaining much significant achievements worth recalling and looking for. 



2017: BIKI and Its Help To Bring Transparency To A New Market

In 2017, a near-total lack of research providers seems to be the biggest rationale for so many shenanigans in the ICO space. The established market contains thousands of analysts who make sure that investment products are not just scams. 

Biki is a lot more than a simple crypto exchange. It identified the need for credibility in the ICO space and has been working on educating investors about what they are buying. 

Due to a tremendous amount of criticism leveled at the crypto space in 2017, BiKi took action and created a platform for responsible crypto growth instead of being put-off by a negative view of cryptos by many in the financial markets. 


2018: BIKI and ItS Growing In A Global Blockchain Development Hub

2018 saw a concern among people that criminals and terrorists could use cryptocurrency for unsavory activity, like money laundering and fraud. It was at that time that BiKi realised that knowledge of the proper contexts of token launching were in a lack. 

Therefore, Biki began helping companies with not only their launching projects, but also with public relations, community presence, and funding access. As a deserving result, companies like BiKi, companies like Biki are extremely important, since they separate the real players from the con artists, in terms of past and potential corruption within the industry. 


2019: BIKI and Its Solution To Big Things For Cryptocurrencies

Year 2019 witnessed a positive assertion of many experts when citizens in developing and poor countries can use cryptocurrency to combat corruption, poverty and inflation. 

For example, Bitcoin is already in exploitation in Venezuela to circumvent terrible government policies and international attempts at destabilization. So, it is obvious that BiKi contributed a main part of empowering people in our global village.

Meanwhile, it has been challenging to create solid platforms for their trade, and also ensure that people feel safe with crypto service providers. Biki has addressed both of these issues and demonstrated that positive changes can happen. Two important and worth-to-mention things that BiKi has done are: 

  • Biki Created Solid Tools for Investors
  • Biki Offers a Fully-Featured Mobile Trading App


2020 & FUTURE: Biki Will Help the Market Grow Stronger

As can be seen, liquidity providers are the backbone of a functional financial market.

Therefore, based on that, Biki proactively confronts the major concerns of transparency and potential corruption of cryptocurrency. It is easy to understand why Biki already has over one million users globally.

With high liquidity and cutting-edge security, Biki is a good option to consider for anyone looking for a centralised crypto exchange. Besides, Biki also supports most of the major token pairs and gives clients an edge in terms of some new token offerings. 


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In conclusion, BiKi Exchange takes pride of itself in bringing about basic information about cryptocurrency exchange for readers. Besides, BiKi also supplies competitive advantages with special programs and plans to global users in trading and transactions relating to: bitcoinstablecoindogecoin, ethereum, cryptocurrency, coinbase earnzcash, wallet registration and various prices.

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