BiKi Pal Program (English)

A. BiKi Pal Program

Are You Ready To Launch?

This Program is an exclusive invitation extended to global communities and partners in the cryptocurrency or blockchain industry to form a unified partner system with BiKi Exchange so that together we can realise the same goals and share the amazing growth towards building a revitalized exchange community with liquidity supply and driven consensus.

BiKi Exchange is a community-driven exchange and believes in building long-term relationships together with BiKi Pals, it is rather simple, just meet our bare-minimum requirements below and you will get to enjoy the benefits.

If you are interested to be BiKi Pal, please contact:

Contact person: Felix
Telegram ID: @felixwng

B. Requirements

All we need you to have is:

  • one or more local blockchain or cryptocurrency communities.
  • substantial social media size (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Telegram etc).
  • good networking or resources to local projects, media or communities.

C. Benefits

BiKi Pal (herein referred to as “you”) will enjoy the following benefits upon successful onboarding by BiKi Exchange (herein referred to as “BiKi”):

(1) 50% Referral Rebates

  • Earn 50% rebates in USDT credited at real-time whenever your invitees perform any spot and/or contract transactions.
  • To view your rebates, simply login your account, select “Broker Platform” at the footer of the homepage and at the “Broker System” page, you will be able to see the “Total invitees” and “Total income”.
  • To view the performance of your invitees, select “Commission record” and/or “Position statistics”.

Note ^1: Invitees refers to your community users who successfully register for a BiKi account via your unique invite code/link.

(2) BiKi Token Airdrops

There will be 2 allocations as follows:

  • New Registration Airdrop:

(i) This is a one-time Welcome Gift for your community users upon your successful onboarding as BiKi Pal.

(ii) It is applicable for your community users who do not have any BiKi account yet where the first 100 successfully registered BiKi users from your community will receive a 10 USDT worth of BIKI tokens each.

Note ^2: Successfully registered refers to your community users must register the BiKi account with your invite code/link and completes KYC within the first 7 days of sign-up.

  • Seasonal Trading Airdrop:

(i) A 200 USDT worth of selected project tokens to launch a campaign exclusively for your community for the purpose of promoting the selected project.

(ii) It is inclusive of a one-time nominal Pal fee at 50 USDT worth of selected project tokens for each successful campaign^3.

(iii) The invitees who registered BiKi account from your invitation link are required to complete at least 1 transaction per day in Spot or Grid Trading for the selected project token pair for a consecutive period of 7 days to get the trading airdrop.

(iv) The specific details of the activity such as rules, actual airdrop amount and reward distribution will be provided per selected project basis on adhoc.

Note ^3: Successful campaign refers to the campaign target must be at least 70% achieved e.g. if the campaign is target for 100 trading users and the outcome is 72 trading users from your referral link.

(3) Earn Double Income in One-Click

  • Your invitees get to earn 2 streams of income when they provide liquidity via BiKi Grid Trading:
    1. Grid Trading Profits
    2. Liquidity Mining Rewards
  • When your invitees earn income, your community size will grow together with BiKi

(4) BiKi Weekly Content Updates

  • The objective is to provide timely industry content to you and your community users.
  • BiKi will provide the latest news or updates to you on a weekly basis.
  • The latest news or updates may be in the form of URLs or posters.

Below are some examples:

(5) Special Gifts from BiKi

  • Who doesn’t like VIP Gifts?
  • For active BiKi Pals, you will receive exclusive BiKi gifts shipped to you!
BiKi Christmas Gift 2019
BiKi 2nd Year Anniversary Gift 2020


The contents in this Program may subject to changes from time to time with or without prior notice from BiKi Exchange and the final interpretation rights will be at the sole discretion of BiKi Exchange.

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