Venture Capitalists Partner Nodes

Venture Capitalists Partner Nodes

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AU21 Capital

At AU21, they back the most brilliant founders who want to start a revolution in the blockchain space.

BlockVenture Coalition

The BlockVenture Coalition is a global alliance of top research groups and VC funds in the blockchain space. The firm has partnered with 41 university blockchain research groups and 44 blockchain specific VCs.

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Eterna Capital

Eterna Capital is a renowned VC firm poised to play a key role in shaping the future of blockchain technology by supporting its growth while giving its investors access to the market.

JRR Crypto

JRR Crypto is an investment group focused exclusively on ventures, protocols, and platforms related to the blockchain ecosystem. They empower these companies with the network, tools, and capital to build the decentralized future.

Lasting Capital

Lasting Capital is the leading VC and advisory firm in Initial Exchange Offerings and Exchange Listings. They help projects get into exchanges, raise funds through IEOs, get liquidity and awareness before they invest into the project.

Master Ventures

Master Ventures is a leading investment and acceleration firm, catalysing the next wave of disruptive technologies looking to improve upon outdated and centralized models.

Novum Capital

Novum Capital has been engaged successfully by enterprises and start-ups to raise funds since late 2017. Being a global advisory and investment firm specialising in blockchain and crypto-economy, we provide full spectrum ICO advisory and investments services. Based in Singapore, we have offices in Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and South Korea.

SMC Capital

NYC-based blockchain-focused VC and consulting firm founded by industry experts. SMC Capital aims to find and support the highest quality blockchain projects.

Venture Capital Networks

Venture Capital Networks (VCN) is a Singapore based investment and capital management company.