BiKiTalk: AMA Recap with AMLT Network($AMLT)

BiKi Exchange is delighted to share information on its new hot listing on BiKi’s crypto exchange, that is up for trade, $AMLT.

Here is the recap of the AMA with the project, AMLT Network‘s and Coinfirm‘s Co-founder and CTO, Jakub Fijolek. 👀 👀

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Host (H): Hi everybody! Good evening, thank you for your support. I am Ah Niu, the host for tonight’s AMA

H: Ok, we shall start the AMA now!

H: Today we are honored to invite Jakub Fijołek to our community to share about the project, AMLT.

H: So to kickstart, let’s welcome our guest, Jakub Fijołek, AMLT and Coinfirm’s co-founder and CTO. Kindly introduce yourself, Jakub Fijołek.

Jakub Fijołek (JF): Pleasure to meet you all.
My name is Jakub and I am the co-founder and CTO of AMLT and Coinfirm. I have been has been analyzing and developing blockchain technology and its applications since 2010 – from the very beginning of the c yptocurrency space. I was formerly the head of cryptocurrency mining farm with a vast wealth of experience in attacking, testing and creating blockchain-related systems.

H: Please introduce your project “AMLT”, Jakub.

JF: AMLT is build as ecosystem of oracles providing information to DeFi players and rewarding network participants for reporting addresses. We used best of the class Coinfirm AML engine that was proven over past 5years and created on chain solution so Defi can gen same actionable insights as centralized exchanges.

AMLT Token represents stable growth during last year with over 1300% value increase, and over 400% in last 30 days

H: What are your stellar achievements? (e.g. investments, team members, public interest, celebrity endorsement or anything significant)

JF: AMLT tokens are the fuel for the AMLT Oracle and the reward for stakers, liquidity and information providers who report nefarious cryptocurrency addresses related to ransomware, hacks, scams, and other crypto-based crime.

We have partnered with Chainlink and RSK as AMLT, and having Coinfirm as support with huge client portfolio (Kyber, Aeve, Binance and more) allows us to conduct PoC and work with great brands.

H: What problems do AMLT solve?

JF: AMLT allows DeFi players to remove malicious players from their platform and minimize situations like hacks, rug pulls, and more. In addition it promotes self regulation of ecosystem where we can start meeting AML requirements without infringing on users privacy.

Less bad actors=more rapid growth of defi space 😉

H: What makes AMLT different? Why would the users choose AMLT?

JF: AMLT is first on the market oracle that focuses on feeding DeFi players (swaps, lending protocols, AMM and more) with risk and AML data. Data is crowd-sourced by community, analyzed by Coinfirm which allows not only quicker response than any other tool but unmatched data quality.

And as oracle gets more users, information providers and stakers recive higher rewards.

H: Why choose to list on BiKi? What is going to change and improve from this partnership?

JF: BiKi and AMLT partnership will help to introduce AMLT token to broader market and help to democratize safer blockchain economy.

H: Last question, what can we expect from AMLT in the near future?

JF: AMLT is expanding and growing Network 2.0, a natural revolution for safer blockchain economy ecosystem. AMLT introduced lastly a new AMLT Oracle AMLT Oracle, the first smart contract-based solution for AML compliance of the burgeoning decentralized finance (DeFi) scene. The Oracle unlocks a key barrier that DeFi presented to previously developed blockchain compliance technology on the market.

Throughout Spring 2021 we will unveil details of the AMLT 2.0. Starting from April, the first public announcements of the Information Provider Membership program and Liquidity Pool Rewards will be published.

H: Thanks to the guest for the sharing!

H: We have ended our AMA session, now we shall move onto the Q&A segment!
Everyone can start to ask questions now.

H: Jakub, you can choose to answer 3 questions. Selected answers will win $AMLT!

🔔 Community Q&A 🔔

Q: What aspects of AMLT’s future prospects are worth looking forward to?

JF: I would say staking (which in long term will be changed into governance) and information providing. Theese aspects will have biggest share in reward pool .

Q: What is the economic model of AMLT?

JF: Defi project pay oracle query fee. Usage fees are creating a reward pool which is used to reward stakers, information providers and liquidity providers

Q: How to obtain AMLT?

JF: Of course on the BiKi after launch 😉

Q: Will AMLT have more activities on BiKi?

JF: I hope so, we have just started cooperation with awesome team at BiKi, I personally would like this partnership go forward 😉

Q: Do you support PoS?

JF: No. PoS is type of mining. As AMLT is ERC20 there is no mining. However you will receive staking reward similar to PoS.

Q: Will it use other public chain Ethereum, and the service charge is too high

JF: Yes, we are right now working with RSK, after that we plan to roll out oracle and AMLT to either BSC or Tron.

🔔 End of Community Q&A 🔔

H: Our Q&A segment has come to an end.

H: Once again thank you to our Guest for the wonderful sharing, and thanks to our translator. Our AMA has ended for tonight.

H: Bye Bye~~

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📌 Token Introduction:

Name/Ticker: AMLT Network ($AMLT)

Total Supply: 400,000,000

Circulation Supply: 336,085,292

Official Website:

Block Explorer:

White paper:

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