How to become AMLT Information Provider?

AMLT Network 2.0 Reward Scheme has introduced 3 major changes to empower their ecosystem participants to exchange knowledge to a further extent, and encourage those who were reluctant so far, and – last but by no means least – move their rewards system to the next level. One of the major changes will be Information Providers

Information Providers (previously “Network Members”) – a major tenet of AMLT Network 2.0. Information providers are rewarded for reporting nefarious addresses related to ransomware, hacks, scams, and other fraud. Once the provided data is validated by our team, the AMLT tokens are transferred to the designated wallet.

Let us guide you on how to be an information provider and report a nefarious address to get AMLT rewards!

Step 1: Click here: and sign up on AMLT platform.

Sign up with name, surname and email. Tick the box and click “Sign Up” to proceed
When sign-up is done, check your email for confirmation link
Click “Activate” when you receive the email confirmation link
Activate your account by setting your password.

Step 2: Report a nefarious address.

Login AMLT platform and select “Become a member”
Under “report address” insert the address you want to report, select address type and provide short category according to the address type selected

Note: There are 3 address type as follows:
• high risk address if you want to report suspicious or nefarious behaviour related to:
Identity theft/impersonation
Illegal products and services
Or create your own category
neutral or recommended addresses: use the “what is it” bar to provide a short category to the address such as merchant or exchange.

Provide proof and click “submit” to proceed

AMLT Reward

The address reported will be subject to a significance assessment made by the AMLT team to determine the quality of the data provided. The reward, if applicable, will be paid out on 1st or 2nd day of the month following the end of the submission period.

Reward pay-out
The AMLT reward pool is 100 000 AMLT for the first 6 months of the beta period.

Announcement on BiKi Platform, Asia’s First Exchange to List AMLT Network with 76,000 AMLT Reward Pool

Activity period: 4/28, 12:00 – 5/4, 24:00 (GMT +8)

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