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Below is the transcript of the AMA:

Nicole: Hello Pascal! 

Pascal: Hi! 

Nicole: I’m Nicole from BiKi Exchange. A little background about BiKi, BiKi is headquartered in Singapore and we are a global crypto exchange ranked top 20 on CoinMarketCap. Since our launch in August 2018, we’ve been considered one of the fastest growing crypto exchanges in the world and we have more than 2 million registered users. Today, we will be introducing our project Transcendence Blockchain Project and their network token is called TELOS. I have here Pascal Papara, CEO of TELOS. Over to you Pascal.  

Pascal: Firstly I like to thank you and all the community who started trading on biki already. Because the listing on biki catapulted us up to number 1 top gainer on coinmarketcap.  

Nicole: First of all, congratulations on being the top 3 gainers within the hour both on CoinMarketCap and upon listing on biki. Can you tell me a little about yourself and the story behind how the project started. 

Pascal: I am the CEO and founder of transcendence blockchain project. We started in 2009 as a small software and trading company which focused on niche computer systems, supported by open source global based operating system. We worked quickly and adopted ideas like App Stores for niche computing platforms, so the Indiego App Store was launched. The open source idea was born. And we are going to merge into the TELOS blockchain. We are now in the second year of the Transcendence token. The concept is to have 3 chains. TELOS is a multi-purpose token, it doesn’t only have one use case. When we are done this year in 2020, it will have 3 use cases. It is a utility token and people can use it and spend as money, like Bitcoin.  

Nicole: Second question, so why did you decide to call your network token TELOS? Is there a special meaning behind it? 

Pascal: Yes, I’m a fan of Greek mythology and Gods. (Pascal is part Greek!) The history about the name is, in fact, in ancient Greek, there was an ancient coin called Telos. One of the oldest meaning of money basically.  

Nicole: Very cool. Oldest meaning of money, very interesting. So can you tell me how is TELOS different and why should users choose it? 

Pascal: Yes, TELOS started in the altcoin era. If you take masternode coins for example, we are a masternode coin. They always focus on one single use case, which may not make sense and they always start from zero and hope many people will join and eventually most of these projects fade away, vanish and are sort of scams. The idea for us, since the beginning, was focused on the projects side and we finish some things and then it’s surrounding an additional use case for TELOS. We have a platform similar to E-bay called Kryptobay, where you can only spend TELOS and you can earn TELOS when you sell some of your used stuff. We programme games and software where people can use TELOS. If you check our roadmap, in June, we are going to implement the cloud aspect like a decentralised Dropbox, where others, even people who have nothing to do with blockchain can visit the website and decide to share files with business partners. Every time they pay for this service, they pay towards the community, because this year we are preparing to implement Proof of Storage into TELOS so it’s not just Proof of Staking and running masternodes. You can use this space and offer it to a network. Bitcoin mining became more and more resource demanding, electricity bills go up, in some countries you can’t mine bitcoin without making a loss. For us, it works on a piggybank. It is an ARM system on a chip, nothing too powerful, an 8-core system, and it is silent you can put it on your desk, and you can put TELOS coins on it and have staking rewards. It’s funny because it is a piggy bank that can fill itself over time.  

Nicole: I love the reference of that, I love to have one of those in our office.  

Pascal: We are also working on providing access to quantum computers, which are not universally useable but in specific tasks, are much faster than conventional computers. And our idea is to provide everyone access to this technology right now so people have the option to spend some TELOS to rent computational time and we want to make it easily accessible to everyone. We will also support some schools with low cost ARM based computers so schools can earn a little bit and get access to quantum computing which will be a core feature of TELOS. 

Nicole: Excellent wow, so many exciting updates. There’s one more thing I heard about and I want you to share more: It’s the Hive web browser. 

Pascal: Yes the Hive web browser will be ready by end of this month. It will be maybe the second fastest browser but the idea behind it is different. The overall project is called Project Identity, because we are also working on an anti-fraud on chain solution. We will introduce a scoring for wallets on TELOS. Let’s say someone stole a wallet from an exchange and it became public knowledge, this hacked wallet can be marked with a negative “minus” score. As soon as its score is “-1”, everyone else can block it, in your wallet setting, meaning the guy can’t send you money. This way you won’t be afraid of getting involved in money laundering. This way people can protect themselves from accepting laundered money. Its also 50% privacy protection. Let’s say someone wants to hide their identity, and doesn’t want to share their data with a shop or entity for market research, then the wallet by default blocks the information, but then you can decide to sell this data which then means you get paid for it. The second feature from the user perspective is that you can comment on every website. Thirdly, The Hive Network will be able to rent storage with your TELOS and put up your own websites. The special thing is we will prepare our domain space so you can reuse already given domains on the worldwide web and you can use them again on our domain space.  

Nicole: With discord being your largest and most active community, and with it being a such a massive gamers’ platform, do you have any exciting updates on Transcendence Crypto Mages Trading Card Games and what can TELOS hodlers look forward to? 

Pascal: We are preparing open beta and it is aimed for end of this month. And this time we start with gaming mode and we will offer special card which will only be available this time as a thank you for everyone joining before the game is finished and hopefully people will enjoy it. They get crypto cards digitally which are stored as an asset. Just a spoiler! We are in talks with a company which provides chip card-based wallets and we are preparing physical releases for card decks. One chip card hardware wallet will be a card deck. So everyone joining the beta can get a chance to win a limited edition start-up package. 

Nicole: Do you have any updates you want to share with the community? 

Pascal: We also have the blue box, a masternode hosting device and mini server for your homes and it is getting a sister called the green box because we want to protect the environment by using a token, we call CO2 like the gas, and the idea is that  the masternode rewards is automatically converted into real CO2 certificates so we put pressure on the CO2 market by increasing demand and the prices may go up. The more expensive CO2 becomes, the companies which produce it may be forced to change their technology. Right now is paying money, nothing changes. But if a third party like blockchain users put pressure on the market, they have to adapt to with it. 

Pascal: We have a platform on our website called, which is for voting. What is different is we allow everyone to participate in voting, even those who do just staking, as it would be unfair if only masternode owners can vote. We believe in a demographic idea that all holders of TELOS can decide on how they will use their TELOS. In our discord, we have a channel called the incubator where people can be elected by the community. He gets a blue box which is 3500 euros a month he can earn this way.  

Nicole: Thank you for your time on this call Pascal.  

Pascal: You’re welcome 

Nocole: And I hope to see you at the other side of the world next time.  

Pascal: Maybe I will come! 

Nicole: Oh yes, absolutely. So stay tuned on’s social media and telegram for updates as well as Transcendence Blockchain’s social media platforms. Thank you Pascal, Bye! 

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