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A 3 mins read to understanding the uniqueness of Unique.Fan ($FANS).

From body art to a personal secret recipe to make an orgasmic (pun intended) pot of stew, Unique.Fans is a place for absolute freedom in creating a digital art piece and helping creators of NSFW (Not Safe For Work) contents to monetized their works of art.

The Revolution In The Collectible Scene

The collector scene had seen a revolution. From the early days of collecting stamps and bottle caps to the more upstream antiques and art pieces, this activity/hobby has evolved to the collection of digital art with the advent of internet and blockchain technology. To date, NFTs are gaining popularity as it has become a new space for artistic creators to express their creative expression.

Since NFTs started in 2017, it has grown into a sizable market segment with a constantly growing pool of supporters. Brands, such as Nike and NBA have also been quick to jump onto the bandwagon, leveraging NFT to build brand affinity and its respective community. Renown brands from other industries such as Tacobell and luxury brands like Jacob & Co, have jumped onto the bandwagon to leverage on the novelty.

NFTs, as incredible as it may sound, is fundamentally a digital artpiece that is created with blockchain technology. For collectors, it is the new way to connect with the art creatives and some believe that such collectibles form is the new medium of art to store monetary value as NFTs leverage the capability of blockchain to record transactions history, proofing its authenticity and ownership.

However Not All Artists Get To Benefit From This Revolution

This market has also been receiving much interest from the mainstream media with announcements of NFT creations being sold for gastronomical prices.

However, adult-content art creators were excluded as corporate-backed platforms have barred NSFW contents.

Unique.One – The Solution To Total Art Freedom And More

Recognising this gap in the art and collective scene, Unique.Fans look to provide an avenue for expressive artists to be able to monetized, especially during these difficult economic time.

The platform features unique benefits for both the sellers (artists) and buyers:

  • Zero Censorship
    Create and publish ANYTHING. No holds barred.
  • Protection Against Art Theft
    NFT artists who mint their works on-chain before any other online exposure have the opportunity to create an archive of provenance, as they can elect to protect their work from copyright infringement on-platform with watermarks and only releasing the original image upon purchase.
  • Net Zero Platform Fee For Sellers/Artists
    No fees are charged to the Artists when they make a sale. A 2.5% platform fee is only charged to collectors/buyers by the FANS platform, and these platform fees will be used to buy $FANS tokens back from the market and burn them to reduce the circulating supply thus creating value for $FANS HODLers.
  • Community Owned
    The platform is an open, community-owned, decentralised NFT adult arts marketplace for the growing world of digital adult art creators and their Fans, as long as users respect the Fans Community Terms and Guidelines.
  • Fair Launch
    There will be neither public nor private sale nor giveaway of the $FAN tokens, including the Unique.Fans Community Volunteer Founding Team. All $FANS tokens must be earned through participation on the Fans Community Platform and through corresponding promotions and collaborations with other protocols.

There is also a bonus feature for artists where they can choose to provide “Unlockable Content” when minting their NFT art. This could be extra content, such as high-resolution files, videos, additional digital art, that a seller can only see after purchasing the NFT.

Unique.Fan Is Built By A Team That Listens To Its Community

The volunteer founding team behind the Unique.One Art Marketplace on Ethereum in 2020 are also the engineers behind the Unique.Fan platform.

Unique.One’s holds the primary objective is to create an open decentralised community-run platform for all artists to be able to mint their art as NFTs. In response to frustrations in the community about high Ethereum gas fees, the platform launched an additional marketplace on xDai where minting costs fractions of a dollar.

The creation of Unique.Fan came about when community feedbacked on the plight of the adult content art creators being left unable to contribute to the flourishing “art-tech renaissance”.

How To Be Part of The Unique.Fan Community

$FANS is the token for Unique.Fans. $FAN HODLers will also get special privileges such as the ability to:

  • Vote on governance decisions
  • Vote in contests
  • Mine $FANS as a liquidity provider
  • Access exclusive content
  • Enjoy future $FANS airdrops

$FANS Token Distribution Plan

BiKi_Unique.FAN_Proposed $FANS Distribution Unique.Fan
Proposed $FANS Distribution Unique.Fan

Only 1 million $FANS tokens will ever be created. 130,000 $FANS tokens will be released every year for 5 years after which the total supply of 1 million tokens would have been released into circulation.

100% of the Unique.Fans platform fee will be used to buy circulating $FANS tokens back from the market and burn for deflationary purposes.

How To Get $FANS Token

$RARE and $FOTO HODLers On BiKi
$RARE and $FOTO HODLers On BiKi
  • All circulating $RARE (Unique.One) and $FOTO (Unique.Photo)HODLers will share an Airdrop of 90K $FANS tokens
  • $RARE and $FOTO Liquidity Providers and HODLers. will share 90K $FANS token airdrops
  • Premier mint RLE NFT Collectors, holders of all previously issued First Edition Gold, Silver, and Bronze 52 Card Deck NFT collection will share an airdrop of 20K $FANS tokens.

📌 Trade FANS/USDT on BiKi exchange 

Trade $FANS Unique.Fans on BiKi
Trade $FANS Unique.Fans on BiKi

📌 Token Introduction:

Name/Ticker: Unique.Fans (FANS)

Total Supply:1,000,000

Official Website: https://unique.fans

Block Explorer:  https://etherscan.io/token/0x8e57c27761EBBd381b0f9d09Bb92CeB51a358AbB

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